It has happened: we have received 300 reviews!!!

The area in which our company operates does not provide for an active customer response. Therefore, it is so valuable for us that a beautiful and large figure of three hundred has been achieved:

  • 19.02.2016 we have received our first review of our work, big thanks to Kobrin Central Refion Hospital, we know for sure how hard it is to go first :)!

  • 31.10.2017 we have received our 100-th review. We thank Clinical maternity hospital of Minsk region!

  • 05.11.2018 we have received our 200-th review. Huge thanks goes to Minsk Scientific and Practical Center for Surgery, Transplantology and Hematology!!!

  • 16.12.2021 we have received our 300-th review. Big thanks to Brest Region Clinical Hospital!


Thanks to everyone who has been with us these years!!!

Constant feedback is one of the key factors of our success story. We constantly improve our quality thanks to incoming queries, we seek for better service solutions, bring to market new technologies and equipment, to keep on delivering Effective, Reliable and Safe Radiology!