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300 GET!!!!!

It has happened: we have received 300 reviews!!! The area in which our company operates does not provide for an


DRIVE Celebrates 25th Anniversary!

Congratulations to Our Members and Founders on the Company’s Birthday!!! Best Wishes to Everybody Connected due to the Company Anniversary! 25


DRIVE Social Responsiveness

We have a new website section – “Social Responsiveness”. Our jobs include charity, sponsorship, social project funding and more. Stay


Camera is running

Intraoral camera systems are becoming more popular in the day-to-day life of the surgery. Whether for diagnostics, communication with the


DRIVE has a Facebook Page now!

Now you can connect with us via Facebook at or Besides general info about our achievements we will share lots of material for X-ray


DRIVE Members Complete PROTEC Training

Lead QA Engineer Zhukovski Leonid Vladimirovich has received training on PROTEC Company courses. He received the certificates granting authorization to work


DRIVE is 24 Years Old!

We have so far succeeded to:   FIND RELIABLE PARTNERS We’ve been representing in Belarus 30 best European companies for


DRIVE Production Catalog Update

DRIVE product catalog has been updated. Now you can find equipment for intravenous contrast material injection there, and also the


Carestream Presents DRX-Excel Plus

Carestream presents DRX-Excel Plus – the most recent unit to perform x-ray graphic and scopic imagery using cesium iodide solid-state DRX Plus 3543C



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