The engineers of the DRIVE group of companies have installed a laser multiformat laser DRYVIEW 5700 Laser Imaging System for the printing of medical images in LLC Health. Thank you for choosing us and confidence in the smooth operation of the equipment!

Reduce the cost of printing X-ray films!

The bestsellers, the CarestreamDryView5700 and TrimaxTX40 are completely identical,, produced on the same assembly line and have a general operating manual. According to feedback from users and service engineers:  “This is a” Kalashnikov assault rifle “in the field of X-ray printing.” Special prices for equipment for wholesale and intermediary organizations – on request.

We offer our customers complete solutions to reduce printing costs:

  • Buy equipment or service and get wholesale prices for X-ray film DVE and TXE;
  • Free installation and warranty when you buy Carestream medical equipment from us;
  • Buy a batch of DVE or TXE X-ray film in the amount of 100,000 rubles and get wholesale prices;;



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