Elegant solutions for MRI research, extending your capabilities:

  1. Can an MRI weigh 1 ton, occupy an area of ​​9.0 square meters, not use a specially prepared room and consume electricity like an oven? Now yes!

  2. Can I find the causes of pain in the back and joints that are not diagnosed on a conventional MRI? Now yes!

  3. Is it possible to purchase an MRI at the cost of an X-ray unit and carry out more than 70% of routine examinations and up to 100% in a veterinary clinic? Now yes!

  4. Is it possible to obtain the results of MRI studies ready for use in the scientific work of a doctor immediately? Now yes!

The answers to these questions, for DIAGNOSTIC PROFESSIONALS, you will find on our YouTube channel, where the video of the performance of  Konstantin Kenigsberg (assistant of the Department of Radiation Diagnostics and Radiation Therapy of BSMU) is available for viewing the video and on our website, where a presentation is available from this performances!

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