For the Dealers

The path of constant introducing of the new technologies to the market chosen as DRIVE mission and intensive work on improvements in in-house manufacture and learning from other manufacturers’ experience require constant professional improvement of our team.

We have specially developed methods of fast new equipment types mastering and constant skill improvement.

All gained experience and special financial conditions are available to our partners according to their marketing strategy:

We have already implemented this opportunity and are constantly improving it. We offer all bodies interested in reliable equipment supplier to contact our Sales Department and discuss prolonged cooperation.
We have already performed these jobs abroad.
We can help with:

  • complex repairs, installations, maintenance and spare parts shipment in your country for all equipment of producers whose interests we represent in Belarus.
  • service support to all partners dealers which extends to other countries and who find it inappropriate to maintain own service department. We can establish mutually profitable design, sales and production of the equipment. We can provide specialists, spare parts and necessary machinery.
  • storage of spare parts of european medical equipment manufacturers to speed up shipping to Customs Union countries.

Production Department specialists will be happy to assist you on all matters and are ready to discuss other business offers.

Our specialists are qualified and trained:

  • to read english language service data
  • in circuit design and electronics
  • have huge technical experience
  • high responsibility and professionalism

Coupled with our working specifics that means:

which enables us to solve all problems in shortest terms. We are ready to organize in Belarus your service department which opens opportunities to expansion. Please address all your requests and offers to our Production Department.

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