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Great specialist and professional

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Everything’s top notch, thank you

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Thank you for the reaction speed, professionally done repairs, kindness to our personnel, clarification of the questions arisen.

Everything is remarkable. Thank you

Fast and high quality as always

fast and high quality

top level quality

DRIVE Team is top notch as usual. Huge thanks for all the support you’re willing to provide in full.


Perfect. Thanks

Thanks to the DRIVE Team for promptly handling our problem.


Thank you. Everything’s received.

14 Apr 2022


thank you for your promptitude

Everything was top notch, as always)

Everything was as always fast and qualitatively

Thank you

Thank you for the fast responsiveness and help in solution and rectification of the malfunction.

Thank you for the cooperation!

Thank you very much for fast and highly qualified help!!!!

Thank you for quick response to our problem!!!

The Hospital’s X-Ray Ward extends its sincere regards to highly qualified DRIVE Specialists Sergey Girel and Alexander Morozov for their […]

Everything is top level. Thank you.

Thank you very much for your work! Your recommendations are as always a great value for us! We are glad […]

Arrived fast, high quality and fast performance. Thank you! Nice working with you, as always)

Thank you for fast delivery!

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everything was perfect!

everything was perfect!

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26 Jan 2021

RSPC Mother and Child

07 Dec 2020

37 City Polyclinic

30 Nov 2020


everything’s quality and fast. thank you

Thanks to your tight team from our personnel for fast work and attention to our problems!

All was well, came fast and immediately rectified everything. Thank you.

All is excellent, as usual! Thank you.

Nice working with you! Thank you!

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Timing, competence and informativeness of the work undertaken

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Efficiently rectified the breakdown

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15 Aug 2019


Quickly and efficiently. Thanks.

Thank you for efficiency! Nice to work with you!

Thank you very much for the speed and quality, as always at the highest level!

Many years of working together – and all at the highest level! Clear work organization and professionalism – your credo) […]

Many thanks to Vitaly and Pavel for the work. Well done guys !! True professionals! It is very pleasant to […]

The application of April 05 is executed on April 09. The equipment was idle. On April 5, the master did […]

Thank you so much for your promptness and resolution of the issue of equipment malfunction!

Quickly. Qualitatively. Thank you very much.

all done with high quality.

Thanks to Yulia Alexandrovna for understanding and efficiency!

There are no complaints about the quality of the services provided. Thank!

Thanks for the help! It is very pleasant to work with Yulia Alexandrovna, a responsible, competent specialist, ready to help!

Quickly. During. Qualitatively.

completed with quality and on time

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The number of likes speaks for itself) As always with your team – all by five points! Thank you for […]

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I would like a quicker reaction (arrival of specialists) to fulfill the application.

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Thanks for the work. We hope that the repair of our equipment will take place in a fairly quick time.

Excellent and coordinated work of specialists in solving our problems. Thank you!

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Prompt arrival, fast and high-quality work. As always, it’s nice to work with you. Many thanks!

Thank you for the prompt execution of the application.

All quickly and qualitatively. As always)

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Thank you very much for the promptness and quality of the work.

The repair was carried out in full and ahead of schedule, which is especially important. Thank you!

Thank you for your work!

Thanks for the work!

As always, everything is wonderful! We are glad to cooperate with you!

As always – professionally! Thank you for staying so always))

The work was done qualitatively and on time. Thank you.

Thank you very much to Viktor Ivanovich for being obligatory and responsible) Thank you Julia Alexandrovna for understanding and efficiency) […]

Thanks to the performers for the fast and high-quality work.

Thank you very much for your promptness, reliability, professionalism !!!

Thank you for efficiency and quality!

Excellent teamwork. Many thanks for the promptness and solution of all problems.

Thank you very much!!! For efficiency, professionalism.

19 Apr 2018

ODL “Anti-stress”

10 Apr 2018