DRIVE Ltd. holds itself social accountable and therefore performs acts of charity, sponsorship, social project funding and more. Stay tuned to our website news and feel free to join us to make our country a better place together!


DRIVE and Grodno 5th Polyclinic fight COVID together

In response to a request for assistance in the speedy installation of equipment during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, DRIVE employees […]


Fight COVID-19 together!

WHO calls for Belarusian and Russian people to get ready for a CovID-19 pandemic in their countries, and DRIVE cannot […]


Employees of the group of companies DRIVE have supported the social shelter

We visited our clients from the children’s social shelter and provided all possible support by the 1st of September. We […]


DRIVE Friends Take Part in Charity Project on the Company’s 25th Anniversary

We are very glad to see our friends who came to celebrate our 25th anniversary perform charity inputs to the Minsk […]


Trifonov Large Family assistance

One of our first social projects is the cooperation with Trifonov large family. We share the family values of these […]