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DRIVE Ltd. offers wide variety of radiology equipment, image acquiring and storage systems, additional equipment  and consumables for X-ray rooms and medical wards using X-ray diagnostics.


Maintenance, repairs, equipment modernization and digitizing, operational parameters testing by our accredited laboratory. Our specialists are ready to help! Simply submit the necessary request.

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HEad Office: Belarus, Minsk, Nezavisimosti ave. 185, location 16.

Mail address: Belarus, 220125, Minsk, Nezavisimosti ave. 185, location 16.

Production and Service: Belarus, Minsk, Knorina str. 50.

Bank data: DRIVE Ltd.
Belarus, 220125, Minsk, Nezavisimosti ave. 185, office 16.
Account Nr: BY30BPSB30120099000139330000 in BPS-Sberbank
Bank Address: Minsk, Mulyavina blvd, 6.
VAT Reg No: 100177569
Equipment shipped from the warehouse at Nezavisimosti ave, 169 (XXI Century Business Center near Minsk Beltway and Uruchie).

Please send info on your arrival beforehand to:

+375 29 700-77-76 Warehouse Manager Kirill Ladutsko
+375 17 374-00-15 Sales Dept.

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  • Enter outer markets with our own-produced equipment.
  • Approach outer markets with our service offer.
  • Use our support in all fields requiring professional and agile service.

Our achievements: authorizations, training certificates and partners’ reviews, licenses, own production certifications, ISOs…

We are gaining experience! 8 square meters in 2016.

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